Hex Horus, C-UAS

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems

Our Mission Statement

Provide NATO, Government Entities, and Civil Authorities with world class Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) Consultancy, Strategic Support, Operational Framework, and Sustainable Training Packages in order to protect personnel, critical infrastructure, sensitive property, and to enhance military or civil operations anywhere in the world.


Across the world, there has been a delicate shift in "Air Superiority." What were once relatively uncontested in many sectors, both airspace and the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) are heavily congested & aggressively contested by those with malicious, criminal and hostile intent; the mass proliferation and utilization of commercial off the shelf drones which are readily available, cheap, simple to use are the catalyst to this shift in "Air Superiority."



Military, government & police bases are susceptible to drone incursion, hostile surveillance and overhead attack by criminal and terrorist organizations.


Drones are posing serious risks to life at airports, breaching airspace restrictions and disrupting airport operations.


Criminals are using drones to smuggle drugs, phones & weapons into prisons undetected by current security measures.

Critical Infrastructure

Drones present a serious, viable and credible threat to critical and sensitive infrastructure across the world which are now susceptible to Drone incursions, sabotage & attack.


CUAS Tiger Team

Deliver CUAS consultancy, advice, and training to NATO, Government Entities, and Civil Authorities to maintain their own CUAS Operators and Force Protection Teams. Facilitate CUAS Live Exercises to test existing defense capabilities in order to further develop and refine UAS response measures. Recommend effective CUAS Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures.

CUAS Center

Integrate and synchronize CUAS efforts and resources at the Strategic and Operational level and Coordinate with Joint Inter-Organizations and Multinational Agencies assigned to NATO, Governments, and Civil Authorities and Organizations. Will serve as a CUAS Headquarters in any given area of operation.


Integrate and coordinate CUAS Operations at the Tactical level, while coordinating with the CUAS Center. Maintain a local Common Operating Picture, organize CUAS training and education with Base Defense and Force Protection teams. Develop and integrate UAS Counter-Measures into a layered and tested defensive posture.

CUAS Operator

Operate CUAS equipment and portable systems, maintain persistent detection, provide early warning, and conduct demonstrations during CUAS Training Exercises. Serve in the form of dedicated Air Guards or Air Sentries utilizing an array of CUAS equipment including but not limited to: CORIAN, SKY-VIEW, MADS-K, LIDS, DRAKE and DRONE DEFENDER.



We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking about Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Almost daily there are new innovations and technological advances in the drone industry, most of which are applied with good intentions. Some however, are used for insidious, malicious ends and even acts of terrorism. For this reason we founded Hex Horus LTD Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS); to make the world a safer place.


The way in which we challenge the status quo is by looking at the holistic approach to CUAS and the mass integration of drones in life and the subsequent impact on the key economic and security sectors. We are a learning organization who actively seek collaboration and critical feedback amongst professional bodies, organizations and societies throughout the world.


As a result, we provide world class Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Consultancy, Operations, Resourcing and Training. Delivered to you by an experienced cohort of Military Veterans including Ex-Special Forces in order to deliver the most effective Counter Unmanned Aerial System layered defense to our clients.


John O'Brien
COO / Co-Founder

John has been a working professional in the intelligence community going on 10 years. He spent years in the United States Air Force and in the private sector supporting various NATO nations in deployed environments. Through his work in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, he has seen first-hand the impact that drones, or UAS, can have on the battlefield as well as sensitive infrastructure. John believes the drone problem is not going away anytime soon, and with Co-founder Ryan McCready, is working to mitigate this threat in both deployed and civil environments.

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