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Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Our Mission Statement

We Deliver world class C-UAS consultancy, strategic support, resourcing training and operations in order to protect your people, assets and property from unwanted and illegal drone incursions.


Across the world, there has been a delicate shift in "Air Superiority." What were once relatively uncontested in many sectors, both airspace and the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) are heavily congested & aggressively contested by those with malicious, criminal and hostile intent; the mass proliferation and utilization of commercial off the shelf drones which are readily available, cheap, simple to use are the catalyst to this shift in "Air Superiority."

C-UAS Applications

Hex Horus provides solutions that can be applied in numerous situations. We can provide the security and protection you need no matter what the environment.

C-UAS Deliverables

Hex Horus provides a wide range of solutions to your unique situation. Whether you need support at a strategic, operational, or tactical level, Hex Horus can deliver the expertise you need.

Counter unmanned Aerial systems Center

C-UAS Center

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Cells

C-UAS Cells

C-UAS Operations through operators

C-UAS Operator

Counter-drone training through our Tiger teams

C-UAS Tiger Team

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