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Defense & Security

C-UAS and C-UAV Defense

Military operations and bases around the world may be susceptible to hostile drone incursion, surveillance, reconnaissance and overhead attack by adversaries. These emerging threats and capabilities are also a reality for the security sectors closer to home as terrorist organizations seek to exploit and employ commercial drones for insidious acts of terror.

Critical Infrastructure

C-UAS for critical infrastructure

Commercial drones present a serious, viable and credible threat to critical and sensitive infrastructure sites, leaving them susceptible to malicious drone incursions, sabotage and potentially proxy cyberattack.


Airports and airplanes

Airspace violations and incursions from commercial drones pose a serious risk to life as a result of a catastrophic collision. Numerous drone incidents have already taken place causing cause major airport disruptions resulting in long delays and huge costs.

Police & Law Enforcement

Police and law enforcement can benefit from Counter-drone training

It is evidently clear that serious organized criminals are now using drones to enhance their nefarious and illegal activities. Drones are being used for early warning, surveillance and to reconnoitre in through windows of likely targets.

Global Summits

Global Summits

These high profile events attract a huge surge of media presence and are susceptible to unwanted and illegal drone incursions. This was demonstrated during a drone incident in Germany which landed in front of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel whilst onstage.


seports and large ferries may need counter-drone security to prevent bypass of border controls

Seaports have always been an area of interest to criminals and smugglers, who are now exploiting existing security measures by using small commercial drones to bypass border security checks. The highest risk is from those with hostile intent to discreetly emplace an insidious device to cause terror amongst passengers and crew.

Prisons & Detention Facilities


The misuse of drones has created another means for criminal gangs to smuggle contraband into prisons, avoiding the more conventional ground security measures. Some drones can carry payloads of up to 2 kilograms of contraband directly to a cell window or dropped into the yard.

Sporting Events

Careless and malicious use of drones in and around sporting events are a nuisance which could lead to serious injury or disruption of the event. There have been attempts to video the sporting event via the drone as to exploit the TV sponsors or to post on social media.

Film Sets

filming sets and equipment

Commercial drones are cheap, simple and easy to use and fitted with high spec cameras and imaging payloads which are now being employed to capture video footage of high production film-sets and movie takes. These images and videos can be leaked prior to the movie release resulting in spoilers, negative marketing and financial loss.

Public Events

drone over a crowd of people

Countless large public events take place each year globally and attract thousands of people, some of which are drone users –not all understand or abide by the local Drone legislation and guidance and may cause safety concerns and major disruptions to the event.

Private Events

privacy eye

Be it for personal or business reasons, privacy is valued by most. As most commercial drones come with top of the range cameras and video record functions, some users exploit this and seek to invade your privacy.

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