C-UAS Deliverables

What Can Hex Horus Provide?

We provide a holistic approach to Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems operations by using a five-phase program to achieve optimal operations.

      Site Vulnerability & Threat Orientation
      - 1-3 Days
      On-site Consultation & Strategic Resourcing
      - 3-5 Days
      Design & Deliver Bespoke Training Package
      - 14 Days
      Implement C-UAS Operational Package
      - 14 Days
      Sustain & Review C-UAS Operations
      - 365 Days


Counter-Drone Consultancy

C-UAS Center

Our C-UAS Center fuses together intelligence, analysis and lessons captured from a global network which underpins our agnostic strategic resourcing, design and implementation of a bespoke C-UAS package.

Counter-Drone Training by Tiger Team

C-UAS Tiger Team

Our Tiger Teams are comprised of ex-military electronic, cyber warfare officers and independent consultants including trainers, who have studied UAS and C-UAV from an academic stand point in addition to an operational perspective.

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Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems Cell

C-UAS Cell

Our C-UAS Cells are designed to augment and support your existing security framework. They are responsible for coordinating both training delivery and the operational C-UAS response drills and protocols including management of C-UAS operators.

Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations

C-UAS Operators

Our C-UAS Operators are available for any C-UAS equipment whether that be short term or indefinitely. Each operator will have been trained in both C-UAS Modules 1 & 2 and will work directly with their respective C-UAS Cells during incident response.

Counter-UAS Training Package

Delivered by our Tiger Team

We provide a wide range of tailored C-UAS security courses throughout the defense and security sectors as part of our holistic approach to C-UAS operations. Our C-UAS training package consists of multiple training modules, which provide greater flexibility and choice.

The primary aim of our C-UAS training package is to INFORM and PREPARE your security staff for C-UAS operations in order to PROTECT against malicious, illegal and terrorist drone activities.

All of our counter drone courses are tailored to meet your security requirements both in context and your level of security skillsets. A consultation with our C-UAS Tiger team may be required to conduct a training needs analysis and an audience need analysis in order to deliver the most appropriately designed C-UAS training package.

C-UAS Module 1 – Foundation

Level: Basic

Duration: 1 Day

Counter-Drone Module 1


This is a one day module available to all levels of management and staff from a wide range of sectors, who are facing security issues and safety concerns from nefarious commercial drone activities. This module provides a baseline level understanding of the holistic approach to C-UAS operations an involves some hands on practical and class participation experience, in addition to informative presentations.

  • Drone Evolution & Innovation
  • UAV Basics & How They Work
  • Characteristics & Capabilities
  • Legal Framework
  • Risks & Threats
  • Recent Case Studies
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Counter-drone Security Considerations
  • Awareness and Air Sentries
  • Countermeasures
  • Drone Incursion Protocols & Response Drill

C-UAS Module 2 – Specialist*

Level: Specialist

Duration: This module varies from 3 days to 4 weeks depending on which C-UAS equipment required.

Counter-Drone Module 2


This module is designed to train your selected staff in becoming C-UAS specialist operators on specific countermeasures whether that is equipment, air sentries or a C-UAS bird of prey operator. As there are over 250 countermeasures available it is important we are consulted during your countermeasure selection process. As we are sensor agnostic we do not have a conflict of interest and are able to provide impartial advice and support at any stage.

Module 2 also provides a "Train the Trainer" capability either on the equipment and/or a module 1 instructor in order to cascade in-house C-UAS training.

*Note. This module is only available to clients who are undergoing our C-UAS consultation program.

C-UAS Module 3 – Intermediate

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 1-3 Days

Counter-Drone module 3


This module is more in depth and can be extended to three days if required. Module 1 is a pre-requisite to be eligible to participate in module 3, as this module includes scenario based planning and training which includes tactic development and response drill procedures building up to a final exercise against a "Red Drone Team".

C-UAS Module 4 – Advanced*

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 Day

Counter-Drone module 4


This module is the culmination of both C-UAS training, countermeasure implementation and integration to an initial operating capacity. This is a LIVE EX carried out on-site in real time against a "Red Drone Team" who will actively seek to breach your C-UAS defense measures resulting in a drone incursion drill to be executed and the subsequent response measures.

*Note. This module is only available to clients are working in consultation with us. However, we can provide you with a "Red Drone Team" if appropriate and legal.


A multilayered, robust, agile and sustainable Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems operational framework, underpinned by accurate intelligence, professional training and response protocols in order to protect against commercial drone incursions.

Then end state of Counter-Drone training, security, or operations

As with most emerging threats based on innovative and evolving technologies, it is vital to remain ‘left of bang’ and to anticipate the next level and iterations of threats, methods and identify future vulnerabilities prior to an incident.

Where Can These Deliverables be Applied?