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SOFWERX Thunderdrone

January 28th, 2018

Tampa, Florida.

SOFWERX is leading collaboration between SOF Warfighters (U.S), Interagency Partners, and select contributors from Industry and Academia on technology and innovation efforts to bring drones (sea, land, and air), tactical swarms, payloads (kinetic/non-kinetic/sensors), and their associated data science applications to the Special Operations Community.
The ThunderDrone project is a series of Rapid Prototyping Events (RPE) that focus on different aspects of current drone technology.

Hex Horus CEO, Ryan McCready attended this event in support of our European Partners from the Netherlands, Guard from Above, who exhibited at this event. Both Sjoerd (CEO) and Ben (COO) were at the event. This was another great opportunity to collaborate and seek out new innovative strategies to counter-sUAS.

White Fox Defense, our US partners were also at the event exhibiting their high tech solutions to counter-UAS.